Charity run at Preston Docklands for St. Catherine’s Hospice

Pirates and fairies threw on their best running shoes last week for a charity run to raise money for St. Catherine’s Hospice in Lostock Hall.

Two races saw almost 200 runners of all ages stampede around Preston Riversway Docklands on Sunday April 13 to support the hospice, which needs £3.6million to run per year.

Event organiser Sam McKenna said:

“These sponsored events appeal to many people – people take part to raise money, help their local hospice, in memory of loved ones who spent time in the hospice or to say thank you for treatment help received by their families/friends.”

The hospice was established in 1985, and can help around 20 patients at any one time, meaning countless people have benefited over the years from palliative care, which is the treatment and care of incurable diseases such as diabetes.

The first race was a 1.6m run around the Docklands in fancy dress and brought a host of interesting outfits along with enthusiastic youngsters, some barely old enough to walk.

The winner of the race was 11 year-old George Banks in an impressive nine minutes and nine seconds, closely followed by friends David Robinson and Danny Sumner, all from Clitheroe.

All have the runners had their own stories of why they were running. Kerry Hull, 10, brother Liam Hull, 11, and friend Eden Ashdown, 9, said:

“Our auntie’s got cancer so we’re running to give her treatment.”

Naomi Cox, 15, said:

“I’m running for my granddad because he died in St. Catherine’s Hospice.”

One pair had given up a traditional 16th birthday party to attend the event:

“I was forced into it by a number of people! But I wanted to run today for my birthday.”

said Amy Wright, 16 and dressed in full pirate gear. She was accompanied by other friends including Chloe Dale, who turned 16 this week.

The second race was a five mile run, a mammoth three-and-a-half laps around the Docklands, and understandably things were a bit more serious:

“It’s a measured route”, said Sam McKenna, “so we get people from professional running clubs taking part, particularly since the 5 mile run is a recognized event by UK Athletics.”

The winner was running professional Steve Hallas, who is a member of Preston Harriers, in 27 minutes and 42 seconds. Hallas has previously taken part in the NoEAA 10,000m Championships at Cudworth and came away with a silver medal.

The hospice hopes the event has raised a few thousand pounds, since a massive £2.6million needs to be raised each year through fundraising and appeals in one form or another.

The Docklands area was overrun during the event:

“The event went well and we were happy with the overall event and the turnout of runners and spectators.”

Sam McKenna added.

Other events are planned for the future, including a Plant Sale on Sunday April 26 between 10am and 3pm at the Garden room in the hospice itself, all of which will continue to raise the funds needed to allow the hospice to give help to people around Lancashire.

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