Holidays are coming…but first

With a huge sigh of relief I finally completed and handed in all my work for this term earlier on today (I might share some of it on here so watch this space). There’s nothing like feeling you’re actually accomplishing something in your life, don’t you think?

There’s not much new about this holiday season for most people, but for me it’s an important and exciting one. First of all I get to turn 21 (14th of December, be sure to look out for a birthday post then!), which has been long awaited and confirms my ascent from the last remnants of childhood into an age where people accept you aren’t a child, but look at you with a disapproving gaze followed by a shrewd smile whenever you try do or say something naive.

I accept this is part of the ‘right’ of passage into the world of working to get paid as opposed to the world of paying to study, but I wonder what age most ‘real’ adults think us borderliners become part of their club?

More importantly, and excitingly, than that though, is the other big event that is happening is my work placement, which begins on Monday at none other than EMPIRE magazine, a magazine which I have almost infinite respect for and a great appreciation of.

I’ll be there all week, so hopefully I’ll find a moment to report back about the interesting goings on, but rest assured my eyes will be peeled for tantalising glimpses of the next years hottest films.

This placement is the best 21st birthday present I could have hoped for in truth, because EMPIRE is the place I’d like to end up once I’ve flexed my creative muscles throughout the industry in a few years time.

Let us hope this opportunity will be everything I’m convinced it will be, because there’s always a chance this time in the industry will make me realise I don’t want to be a journalist anymore.

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