A day at EMPIRE: The World’s Biggest Movie Magazine

Well I’ve made it, the clock has struck 6pm and my first day of work placement at EMPIRE is over.

There’s no question it’s been overwealming, and perhaps I feel as though I could have accomplished more, but I’m happy with the day, and most importantly, I’ve enjoyed myself.

My first taste of the industry has been as entertaining as I expected, with stories and comments flying around the office and big Hollywood names being name-checked here and there throughout.

I didn’t get off to the best start, having been told to go to the FIRTH floor instead of the FORTH, but there’s still time to turn around those first impressions, and everyone I’ve met is very nice.

I won’t (t)witter on about it too much, but there’s no signs of the credit crunch dampening people’s spirits in this festive Christmas season.

The office, littered with EMPIRE issues as you’d expect, is also complete with a pool table to unwind with, as well as a couple of shiny big screen TVs for those all-important DVD views.

Most impressively though, is the A1 cardboard representations of some of the magazine’s most iconic covers, which brought a warm smile to my face as soon as I arrived.

As well as that there seems to be a large amount of Star Wars related things lying around, fingers crossed that my new T-shirt in the same vein will make a good impression later in the week.

Stay tuned for more.

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