Exclusive: iPad world premier of spy thriller Nikita

All good attackers know the most important thing in a fight is the element of surprise, which is exactly what This Is Entertainment got when we were invited to a top secret preview screening of Nikita, a TV remake of the 1990 French film.

The twist was that this was to be the first TV show to be previewed via Apple’s shiny iPad. Danny Wallace, writer of Yes Man, hosted the event, dropping the bombshell that unfortunately we weren’t allowed to keep the interactive TV trays, but soon everyone was lounging on a comfortable sofa watching episode one.

The show itself boasts an impressive cast including Maggie Q as the titular femme fatale as well as Shane West, formerly Tom Sawyer in the ill-fated League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Xander Berkeley, from not only Kick-Ass and Terminator 2, but also hit action series 24 (which Nikita has plenty in common with).

Berkeley also took part in a live webchat afterwards to explain how the series works: “It’s a great structure: you take this deadly female assassin and put her up against this nefarious organisation who trained her to take it down.”

Wallace went on to ask him why he thought there were such a large number of spy-turn-rogue-agent flicks around, with the likes of Jason Bourne and Jack Bauer dominating the screens for the past few years: “I’d like to think in this post-9/11 era there is a lot of money being put into counter-terrorism and the public don’t really know where that money is going so it all generates the same kind of intrigue that I felt during the cold war era.”

So it’s your classic case of asset turns against its maker with a few twists turned in for good measure and a little bit of photogenic casting. Now that these sorts of shows, particularly Alias, seem to be on the wane, Nikita deserves to do well. Definitely worth watching.

The show is already available via iTunes and is set to be aired on Living TV in October. Special thanks to Fever PR.

James Michael Parry

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