Smartphones: App-tacular Ubrain for Android and iPhone

Some people’s lives are ruled by music – I am one such sufferer – and with Spotify and around you would have thought we had enough music-related apps about, but, of course, you were wrong.

The idea behind Ubrain – other than having a name that sounds like a type of yo-yo – is that it creates sound to control you. The most blatant brain-washing idea (no pun intended…) since Simon Cowell’s plan to put on a 24 hour X-Factor marathon is achieved through binaural waves.

If you don’t know what they are then don’t worry, though you are a little behind the times since they discovered them back in 1839, but the science is that binaural beats are based on broadcasting 2 different frequencies, one in each ear, resulting in a median 3rd beat. This 3rd beat becomes an attraction to your brain and encourages cerebral activity to stick to this virtual beat and carry the brain to this frequency.

Basically, it convinces your brain it is happy if you are feeling a bit down by combining sounds, and although the effect is only temporary, it could be enough to give you a bit of confidence before you take that final exam, or wake you up in time to get to work.

Apparently it does have genuine scientific basis, according to clinical psychologist Brigitte Forgeot, who said: “I’m looking forward to its release, and hope it will turn out to be a product which can be adapted for use in therapeutic treatments. Being able to combine music you enjoy with binaural sound waves is a very definite plus, which leaves room for a lot of creative freedom and different uses of this process.”

There’s also endorsement from Grammy nominated DJ Paul van Dyk: “That music effects your mood is something we all know – that binaural beats can boost these effects and increase your energy level, help to focus, or calm you down to relax was something I experienced using the Ubrain App.” Check out more here:

The app is now available on Android market and for iPod, iPad and iPhone on iTunes, but before you part with £3.49 check out these fancy YouTube videos:

The power of Ubrain

How it all works….

James Michael Parry

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