Film: The most anticipated film releases of 2011

With the 2011 film release schedule now in full swing, with critic favourites The King’s Speech and Black Swan already capturing audience’s imaginations the world over, This Is Entertainment looks forward to some of the other delights the year has in store, courtesy of our very own Gillian Lambie in her first guest post.

Well we’ve all watched or heard about the likes of Toy Story 3, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 and the 3rd Twilight: Eclipse – as well as all the other brilliant films that seen us through 2010. (I know this because we spent more than £1 billion pounds going to watch them all!)

So what’s next? What do we have to look forward to in 2011? The answer is: a lot. Around 119 films were produced in the UK last year, all ready for our viewing in the near future.

These upcoming titles include a fourth Pirates of the Caribbean named On Stranger Tides where we look forward to seeing Johnny Depp, as Captain Jack Sparrow, in much more excitement and danger.

Also, not too far away on 12 August a brand new film Cowboys and Aliens arrives, by spaceship! The cast including Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford take to the stage as cowboys from Arizona armed with rifles and guns ready to save the world. Looks to be an exciting, must-see movie.

But, if you can’t wait that long for aliens, then a Simon Pegg creation, Paul, enters our screens later this month. Written by the same creators of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, Paul looks to be just as hilarious and full of just as many explosions and clever one-liners as Pegg has delivered previously with Spaced Director Edgar Wright. ’Paul’ is set to arrive on 18 February.

A second Sherlock Holmes is also on the cards for those of you who watched and enjoyed the first film with Robert Downey Jr. returning as the titular hero and Jude Law as his long-suffering sidekick this December. Their first outing was released in 2009 – a film that made an estimated £40 million in it’s first week of release – so the stakes are high and the new film has is bound to offer something for everyone.

To follow on the 2011 theme of sequels, Transformers 3, or Transformers: Dark of the Moon as it’s called, will be a perfect summer treat this July. Those who enjoyed the first two, and to be honest, there weren’t many that didn’t, will definitely enjoy this one!

And for the very few who are not taken by aliens, detectives and wizards – we have Captain America: The First Avenger. A film about a Superhero! The Superhero being Chris Evans, playing Steve Rogers – a man too unfit for the military but lucky enough to be turned into Captain America. The film looks to be released this July.

Not to mention Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, which we have all been anticipating since….forever. The film follows on from the hugely successful series of Harry Potter films based on the books by J.K Rowling. I’ve got to say Part 1 was pretty good, if not a lot darker and scary than the first ever pre-teen Harry Potter we seen way back in 2001.

For those who liked to read those wonderful, fantasy filled story books when you were kids, remember the book War Horse by Michael Morpurgo? The book that was first published in 1982 but is still read by millions of children today? Yes? Well, in just less than a year we will be able to relive that book on the big screen. Director, Steven Spielberg has been very busy over the past year filming in locations all over England including Devon and North Hampshire ready for the release in December 2011.

Finally, watch this space for details on Disney below-the-radar release I Am Number Four in the next few weeks. All in all it’s looking to be a good year!

Gillian Lambie

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