News: Gig tickets – The importance of being earnest

How far would you go to get tickets to see your favourite band? Pay a little extra cash, pull a sickie from work to go and buy tickets? How about camping out on the street overnight in cold, Scottish winds for over eleven hours? Because that’s what some crazed Mumford and Sons fans did last weekend as tickets to two upcoming gigs in Forres and Inverness went on sale.

With only around 1500 tickets on sale between both dates – one on the 4th March at The Loft venue, Kinloss, Forres and the other on the 8th March at the Ironworks, Inverness – hundreds of fans had to go without. Many of them after having stood in queues for over three or four hours.

The queue in Inverness clocked in at over 1000 eager fans, with almost all of them planning to buy two tickets each whilst a queue to buy tickets at music shop Sound and Vision in Elgin was estimated at over a mile long.

The band Mumford and Sons have a mini eight day tour ahead of them in Forres, Elgin and six dates on six different Scottish Islands including Kirkwall in Orkney before they head off on a worldwide tour including dates in Spain.

The band wanted to come back to their fans in the North where they started out playing small gigs – it’s just fortunate for them and unfortunate for the fans that they are a lot more popular up here now than they used to be so tickets instantly became harder to get. The band apologised to those fans who never got tickets through their website after they sold out very quickly and now realise that their wish of playing intimate gigs is not going to be as possible anymore.

Mumford and Sons first album ‘Sigh No More’ won the Brit Award for Mastercards British Album of the Year last week after being up against artists such as Take That, Plan B, Tinie Tempah and The XX. The band also recently performed with Bob Dylan at the Grammy Award Show where they were nominated for two awards.

Gillian Lambie

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