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Originality is a hard thing to come by in music. Endless samplings, covers and re-releases plague the charts on a regular basis, which makes the likes of Enter Shikari all the more refreshing. With this third release, A Flash Flood of Colour, the band have really found their niche, a perfect mix of melodic and hardcore synth rock, filled with energy and, most importantly for this album, defiance.

The band have always poked fun a The System. You only need to look at the lyrics of their breakthrough release ‘Sorry, You’re Not a Winner’, with lyrics like “Scratch card glory, waist low pleasure?” and “What have you got to lose but false intentions and a life so pretentious?”, to see the band wants to say what’s on people’s minds.

This album goes a stage further, preaching the destruction of society in no subtle terms. Luckily not to the extent that it makes the music bloated or self-indulgent. From opener ‘System…’ there is a massive scale to the album which grows with each track, dancing from rave to heavy rock (often within the same song) – this isn’t the sort of album you can sing along to, but that’s no bad thing.

The slightly more radio-friendly tunes, such as ‘Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here’ and ‘…Meltdown’ really bring the extremes of the band together best, and even the rage-fest ‘Gandhi Mate, Gandhi’ somehow manages to get its point across.

The album is bristling with musical talent, to bring keyboards and heavily distorted guitars together seamlessly is a skill, and while there are moments which might be too shouty for some, there are no tracks which really stumble.

Some of the songs, particularly the hypnotic ‘…Meltdown’ demand a live airing to get the full effect, but the energy captured on disc is impressive, pulling the listener from track to track relentlessly – even through the quieter moments.

In all a fantastic slice of musical prowess, delivering everything we’ve come to expect from the band and a few extra twists and turns thrown in for good measure.

The reflective closer ‘Constellation’ offers a final coda that sums up the album’s energetic journey. It paints a picture of two trains, one bound for destruction and one for sustainability, but after this formidable release it’s safe to say Enter Shikari have their seats reserved on the latter.

Rating: 4/5

James Michael Parry

8 thoughts on “Music | Album Review: Enter Shikari – A Flash Flood Of Colour | This Is Entertainment”

  1. I really like this band and I’m looking forward to seeing them on tour.

    Obviously the album is designed more for the live experience than as an artifact in and of itself, so I’m a little disappointed you didn’t describe the energy you imagined at a gig in more detail – from a writerly perspective, a reviewer’s insight into the atmosphere they’re attempting to create has to be the hook.

    1. I have seen the band live, but not any of the songs from this album, so it would be difficult to pass judgement. What I can say is that from my previous experience, these songs would translate well, and their style very much fits in with the band’s live vibe. Lead vocalist Rou Reynolds really lets loose on stage, and you can really feel his passion. He’s also responsible for the keyboards and synth, which keep all of their energy on record and more, despite it being easy to be drowned out by the drums in particular.

      Hopefully that answers your question.

      1. Your wish is my command, have put together a live review for my next post (going up in moments). It’s not Enter Shikari, but Young Guns, take a look and see what you think.

  2. Hi James, I’m just checking if you accept music submissions for review consideration. I enjoyed your blog and would like to send a few for you to check out. If interested, feel free to email me. Thanks!

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