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Australia can be thanked for plenty of great music. The likes of AC/DC are world renowned, pop-rockers Jet have made their mark in the charts and even lesser-known treasures like The Living End are continuing to deliver consistently fantastic material.

It should come as no surprise then that the latest good thing to come out of Australia is another musical delight in the form of Monks of Mellowah. Despite a name which suggests an obsession with marshmellows, the band’s sound is a well-rounded stab at indie rock and roll, which combines musical variation with a hallowing vocal style.

They have already had some success, winning the Best Indie Rock Band awards earlier this month at the Artists In Music Awards in Los Angeles. Their first tune, ‘Swamp Groove’, was featured on the American music show RAGE last year, and their new single ‘Neurogenesis’ really takes things to the next level with its memorable vocals and bold but simple guitar pieces.

You can visit their official website: and you can listen to the band on Soundcloud now where ‘Neurogenesis’ is live for straming, and there is already a full length album in the works – definitely one to watch.

James Michael Parry

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