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The first day of the rest of your life…

So I’ve had my first week in the land of 21 and already things seem very grown up from the outside looking in.

I’ve been spending my days at Nintendo Wii magazine NGamer, and compared to the week before it’s got a very different atmosphere, more casual and communal.

Here in Bath there’s a whole different feel to things, with upwards of 40 magazines (or so, I haven’t exactly counted) in the building there’s plenty of people around all the time.

Guitar Hero controllers litter the floor all around, interspersed with giant flat-screen televisions and ancient issues of Future (Publishing) mags like Powerstation and Official Playstation 2 Magazine.

There’s been plenty to do and get involved in, and I even managed to get my hands on the brand new issue before subscribers and anyone else will see it! The most reassuring moment was when I thought up an idea for a feature, and then was told it was in the new issue, least it means I’m on track.

Come January it’s time to head back to London for DVD and Blu-Ray Review, here’s hoping it brings another different experience again.

Oh and, Merry Christmas all.