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Gaming: E3 2011 the aftermath for Microsoft

Go greenSo the Electronic Entertainment Expo came and went once more and with a shiny new Xbox design in 2010 it was going to be difficult to top Microsoft’s press briefing.

…and sure enough it didn’t. In fact the whole spectacle was a collection of fairly obvious announcements and some more detail of the games we already know something about.

The big M got the obvious Call of Duty piece out of the way early, and luckily the negative rumour surrounding the possibility of having to pay for Call of Duty Elite was dispelled quickly as we were taken through the service’s suitably simplistic titled features: Connect, Compete and Improve.

Largely it boils down to a very similar service to that offered by Halo Waypoint, combined with a few nifty things lifted from (the true Lords of the Halo Rings) such as kill heatmaps for deathmatch games.

Other big franchises flexing their muscles included Gears of War, which was a fairly standard affair compared to the later released details of Horde Mode 2.0 (which you should definitely take a look at in the latest OXM).

One franchise TIE is eagerly looking forward to is the climax of Commander Shepard’s adventures in Mass Effect 3. After the tragic news of a delay to the release date until 2012, fans, including myself, were understandably upset. The reason for the move became clear a few days before E3 when this packshot leaked out:

It hits the fan...epically

The box’s shiny purple logo said it all: Kinect will be energising Mass Effect 3. There isn’t a complete breakdown of how it will be implemented yet, but from what was shown at E3, it will allow you to select dialogue options verbally (slightly obvious), but more interestingly it allows simple commands of your teammates such as ‘move up’ or ‘use overload’.

Presuming that these functions are implemented correctly, and BioWare’s care and consideration over the series to date, combined with the slipped release date would suggest that is the case, then it could prove to be the most engaging RPG/shooter ever released on the platform.

It may all sound like Pip Dreams, but after so many hours invested by players over years, BioWare will be making sure their loyalty pays off once the final game hits shelves in the first half of next year.

No E3 would be complete without children being trotted out on stage to perform and Massivesoft obliged in its usual style, getting some kids to show off some new kid-orientated Kinect titles, before some burly men played American football on stage and messed it up on their first try, though the entire show began with a ‘Please recconect controller’ message so it was a case of start as you mean to go on.

The ‘shock’ reveal was the completely predictable Halo 4, which sees Master Cheif return, though it will be created by 343 Industries, which leads us to wonder what Bungie are getting up to, they have been remarkably quiet since Halo Reach launched with rumours of RPGs and other exciting possibilities so far revealing nothing, we’ll keep you posted.

There was also news of 100s of more partnerships between Xbox and other outlets this year, but the only one which was actually named was YouTube, which itself is surely in decline compared to a few years ago. Come on Xbox, hurry up and get iPlayer on there so I can justify getting a new TV!

All in all a slightly underwhelming show, not the usual crash, bang, wallop you might expect from possibly the biggest gaming platform at the moment. Conspicuous by their absence were things like Metal Gear Solid: Rising, which debuted last year and has not been heard from since, as well as the likes of Grand Theft Auto, surely not a franchise Rockstar are ready to leave well alone…and in fact there have been whispers but no concrete facts, it would seem E3 would be the best place for a big announcement?

And finally after the show is over, Microsoft hints that a lot of Xbox features may be stored online as part of their new Cloud service, which could see gamertags, saved games and even the games themselves stored online and streamed to you, read all about it here.

In the meantime, take a look at Red Faction: Armageddon, it might not be the greatest game ever but the single player is infinitely more playable than its predecessor and the Magnet Gun is an experience every destruction-lover should have in their life.


Gaming: Most anticipated Xbox 360 releases coming soon

So the long summer gaming drought beckons with the juicy releases held back until Christmas, or, in the case of Mass Effect 3, to next year (sob). No need to cry though, it just gives you more time to get excited about the exciting games which are coming sooner rather than later, here are This Is Entertainment‘s top picks…

Red Faction: ArmageddonRed Faction: ArmageddonReleased: 10 June
Premise: You are Darius Mason, grandson of the sledgehammer-wielding liberator of Mars Alec Mason, a man who has none of the wealth power and fame you might expect from his ancestry. The year is 2170, and the surface of Mars has become uninhabitable and driven its inhabitants underground. Unfortunately, having moved below they soon discovering there is another threat on Mars, an ancient race of Martian aliens which Darius uncovers and quickly spread through the settlements.

What’s in the box?: As well as the single player campaign, which is reportedly more focused and linear compared to the game’s predecessor, Guerilla, there is a cooperative multiplayer mode, which sees you protecting structures from the alien masses and destroying them in increasingly ridiculous amounts with the games diverse weaponry. Oh…plus the most detailed destruction engine gaming has to offer, nuff said.

Why should I be excited?: THQ seem to have taken criticism of the previous game on board and put some effort into writing a story for this chapter. Darius seems suitably tooled with a bit of sarcasm to counteract the hopelessness of his situation and every other aspect of the game has been tooled up, the walkers,  for example, are far beefier and better equipped than before. Best of all is a great bit of original weaponry called the Magnet Gun, which fires in two shots and then attracts the two points together, with some seriously destructive and hilarious results. If you fancy a go yourself, there’s a demo up on Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Deus Ex: Human RevolutionDeus Ex: Human RevolutionReleased: 26 August
Premise: You are Adam Jensen, a private security officer with Sarif Industries, until he suffers a horrific accident and is implanted with biomechanical augmentations. Essentially he’s a Six Million Dollar Man figure, and as you progress you slowly gain control of more of these augmentations, depending on how you play the game. There are four main avenues: Combat, Stealth, Technology and Social, each has its own play style, which are fairly self-explanatory. The game is a prequel to the founding game of the series, Deus Ex, which was released back in 2000.

What’s in the box?: Being a single player-only game, there’s a lot of depth in the story and range of different ways to complete each area or mission, depending on your augmentations. For example you might like to blaze through the game killing everyone in a balls-out display of Matrix-like skills, or you might want to sneak about and charm your way past your would-be attackers with your silver tongue. Expect plenty of collectables, unlockables and endless playthroughs necessaries to exhaust all possibilities of how the story will unfold, though the overreaching story will remain the same, and lead into the events of the original Deus Ex.

Why should I be excited?: The original game was heralded as unbelievably fantastically amazing for its time, and this sequel has been worked on meticulously since 2007. The visual style from the screenshots and trailers looks fantastic, constantly referred to as ‘steampunk’, but think of the Matrix and you’re 3/4 there. The enemy AI is also something which the series is famous for, and will react to how you play precisely, meaning every player will have a unique challenge.

Gears of War 3Gears of War 3Released 20 September
Premise: You are Marcus Fenix (and co) in the third in the series of this head-stomping chainsaw-swinging shoot-a-thon, in which Marcus has to save his world from the combined threat of the Locust and their mutated brothers the Lambent. Eighteen months have passed since the fall of Jacinto at the end of the last game and the survivors are stranded on an island, frankly so far Marcus and the COGS have done pretty badly at putting a stop to these pesky Locust creatures.

What’s in the box?: King of the Gears (in the real world) Cliff Blezinski has said that there is a real focus on multiplayer this time around, which explains the inclusion of four player cooperative play in the campaign (though really this was an obvious step). On top of this new features wise we have a mechanised suit, as if the Gears needed to get any more beefy, and also female members of the unit make an appearance for the first time. Add in new enemies and modes and you’ve got yourself a whole lot of trouble on your hands.

Why should I be excited?: As if the return of John “Bender from Futurama” DiMaggio to provide Marcus Fenix’s voice, there is also a new weapon specifically designed to even up the multiplayer – the sawed-off shotgun. Hardly the most ingenius of weapons, but it does offer a near instant kill at point blank range, meaning people could well be constantly running at you flailing wildly, but the point is it should give newcomers a chance. Also there is a digger launcher, which fires a projectile through the floor and under cover, meaning those who hide in cover continually are no longer safe!

Arkham CityBatman: Arkham CityReleased: 21 October
Premise: You are Batman! After Arkahm Asylum was freed from the Joker and Poison Ivy’s clutches in the first game, the Warden took all the credit for your hard work and expanded the Asylum from Arkham island to create a criminal-filled suburb of the city, walled off from the rest of Gotham, And to top it all off, Doctor Hugo Strange has discovered that your secret identity is Bruce Wayne…

What’s in the box?: Sticking with single player, expect more impressive visuals from the guys at Rocksteady. There will be more stealth and action and villains aplenty with Harley Quinn, Riddler and Joker returning, while Hugo Strange, Victor Zsasz and Calendar Man will also appear, the latter doing different things depending on the literal calendar year. There’s been work done on the combat so that things are less repetitive and there will be more of a gang element to the enemies.

Why should I be excited?: Other than the prospect of being Batman again and how awesome that is. Rocksteady have also augmented (there’s a lot of it going around…) their fantastic Detective Mode into the main display, to avoid people playing through having to turn it on and off all the time, and you can also use gadgets like the batclaw in the middle of fights, which should mix things up with quite amusing results. Also the setting of Arkham City is far larger than the Asylum and is all available to explore from the outset, and you can do it even more easily now that Bats can dive mid-glide and then fly back up to gain height and fly further.

Child of EdenOne to watch – Child Of Eden
This music/brightly coloured/drug trip game from the creators of the genuinely ground-breaking Rez has to be seen to be even slightly explained:

James Michael Parry

Gaming Exclusive: Interview with Mark Meer, Shepard from Mass Effect 3

Last year This Is Entertainment caught up with Mark Meer, the man who provides the dulcet tones that bring the Mass Effect series’ Commander Shepard to life (the male version at least).

What with it being a brand new year, and there being a brand new trailer to gawp at (take a look at the Mass Effect 3 trailer), we thought we’d see how things were going.

This Is Entertainment: So how are things coming along with Mass Effect 3?

Mark Meer: Swimmingly!
TIE: Anything you can tell us?

MM: Sadly, no.
TIE: The final Downloadable Content for Mass Effect 2 re-united Shepard with Liara T’Soni, how was it getting to work more with Ali Hillis? Is there any truth to the rumour that her character will return in Mass Effect 3?

MM: I still haven’t actually met Ms. Hillis in person, but it was a pleasure to hear her voice in my headphones once again… I cannot comment on Liara’s possible presence or lack thereof in ME3 at this time. I will say that the Lair of the Shadowbroker DLC was some of my favorite work in the Mass Effect universe thus far…
TIE: BioWare Project Lead Casey Hudson has said that the series’ third instalment will have over 1,000 variables to its story line. That sounds like an awful lot of lines…how do you cope?

MM: Keep in mind that I get paid by the hour. I’m coping just fine.
TIE: Mass Effect 2 bagged best Role-Playing Game last year at the Golden Joysticks, was it a proud moment?

MM: The awards and accolades for ME2 just kept rolling in over the last couple of months – I’m certainly proud of the game’s many successes, but keep in mind, I’m just a small cog in this unstoppable entertainment juggernaut! Plus, any credit that goes to me must be shared equally with my other half, the lovely and talented Jennifer Hale.
TIE: IGN reported statistics last year showing that some people have completed Mass Effect 2 23 times. Have you ever been that addicted to a computer game?

MM: Way back when (in the mid-late nineties), I once played the original Warcraft for so long that I missed a night’s sleep entirely. I was doing a touring show at the time, and when the rest of the troupe arrived at my house in the morning to pick me up in the company van, I instinctively reached for the mouse to move myself from my front door to the vehicle. True story. These days, I tend to limit myself to one “Evil” and one “Good” playthrough of most RPGs.
TIE: The trailer released at the Spike Video Game Awards showed us a glimpse of London being overrun by the Reapers. Have you ever visited? What was your favourite place?

MM: Speaking of sleep deprivation… I’ve actually just returned from London and performing at the Annual 50-Hour London Improvathon! My wife Belinda is from London originally, and we visit there often, so I have quite a few favorite spots in that fine city. I always make a point of dropping into the world-famous comic shop Forbidden Planet, usually take in a few shows on the West End, do some improv shows with my friends from Grand Theft Improv at the Wheatsheaf pub in Rathbone Place, and of course there’s Hoxton Hall – an authentic Victorian music hall in Shoreditch where we do the Improvathon each year.
TIE: The next Dragon Age is only a couple of months away from release, have you managed to get your hands on it yet? How’s it shaping up?

MM: Not yet – I’ve been away for the last few weeks, so I’m hoping to pop into Bioware and see what’s up…

TIE: When we spoke to you last you mentioned you were looking forward to playing Fallout: New Vegas and Dead Rising 2, did you enjoy them? Anything you’re looking forward to playing later this year?

MM: Got Dead Rising 2 for Christmas, but I haven’t been able to play it yet. Now that I’m home, I’ll dive in. I LOVED Fallout: New Vegas – only had time to play it to completion once so far, but I killed Caesar! I’m unreasonably proud of myself for that (probably because people were constantly saying “That’s the man who killed Caesar ” around me for the rest of the game). I’ll definitely take another run at that one. Another Christmas gift was Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare – I’m very anxious to get to that, and to Dragon Age 2, of course. And, as a comic book geek, I’ll be looking forward to playing DC Universe Online and Batman: Arkham City…
TIE: You got a nomination for a clip called “Doug, The Last Man on Earth”, on The Irrelevant Show CBC Radio show, at the Canadian Comedy Awards last year. Were you miffed not to win?

MM: Not at all. It is, as they say, an honour to be nominated. I should mention, that wasn’t improv, which I do quite a bit of – it was a comedy sketch that I performed in, written by my good friend Dana Andersen. I’ll ask him if he’s miffed – I think he would have got the award if we’d won.
TIE: And finally, any news on Shepard’s chimpanzee sidekick?

MM: He’s going to smoke cigars and wear a little green derby. More than that, I cannot say.

James Michael Parry

Gaming: Spike Video Game Awards Top Picks

Finish the fight...?For those in the know the news is out: Eldar Scrolls V and Mass Effect 3 teaser trailers have both been unleashed on the gaming world, but for everyone else thinking “What on Earth are the Spike VGAs?” and “Why didn’t anyone tell me something was going on?” Here’s a micro-explanation.

The Spike VGAs have been going on for a few years now, they tend to attract a lot of big Hollywood names and the associated glamour, with some previews for upcoming titles thrown in just to keep the gaming part of the name happy.

In the past the Awards have seen  a few unveilings and announcements such as  The Force Unleashed II and Arkham Asylum 2 – Arkham City last year (but more on that later).

There’s plenty of criticism for the awards since they have a lot of live music acts and celebrities and really play into the big franchises borrowed from other genres, but they do occasionally bring some exciting news-bites…which is what we were graced with this year.

On the Sci-fi side of the argument lies a little game called Mass Effect 3:

Earth finally comes into play, not as a dot to orbit around but a battlefield, and things look serious. There’s debate at present whether BioWare will opt for a continuation of Mass Effect 2’s more upbeat action style, slide back towards a more diverse RPG game or progress to something new entirely, since there has been much talk of a spin-off game.

The trailer shows the Reapers decimating Earth, clearly something has to be done but how will the game work? Will you be traversing continents now instead of galaxies? Being Earth-bound might be hard to swallow for some players, though the game has been screaming out for some perspective since it’s inception.

Next up is the return of the Caped Crusader:


So the Joker is nowhere to be seen in this trailer, though we know he’s around from the teaser a while ago, but instead we are greeted by Doctor Hugo Strange, who is keeping an eye on the inmates for new Mayor Quincy Sharp – who has taken credit for all your efforts in stopping the Joker in the first game.

The visuals are particularly impressive, though obviously it isn’t in-game footage, and the same brutality as before along with a host of new gadgets and bits and bobs should make this a tremendous game.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the big news for fantasy RPG fans. Take a look at the teaser trailer:

So there isn’t much to go on as of yet, but clearly the game continues the story on after Oblivion and involves dragons. Any fans of Bathesda or previous Elder Scrolls outings will most likely be salavating even though the release is almost a year away, on 11 Novermber next year.

Finally Portal 2 made an appearance:

A real ‘tease’ with this one, Valve are bound to produce a great game, particularly the co-op aspect, but this footage doesn’t really tell us anything about the same, except that it has Valve’s usual sense of humour. Definitely one to watch.


James Michael Parry

Gaming: Do we need to get Kinect-ed?

Four years ago the Nintendo Wii broadened gamers’ horizons, getting them up off the sofa and waving their arms around to interact with games with its revolutionary motion-sensitive controls.

Last month Microsoft took the gaming experience a step further with the release of Kinect, an add-on to the incredibly successful Xbox 360 which lets players jump into games in a way they never have before. With a combination of an conventional RGB camera and two motion-tracking sensors, Kinect scans you into the game so every move you make is reflected on screen by your character.

The system, which is compatible with all existing Xbox 360s, was released on 10 November and sold a million units worldwide in the first 10 days after launch. Microsoft is confident to have it in five million homes worldwide by the end of the year. But with so much technology already hanging around widescreen TVs across the land, do people need another device?

There’s plenty of shiny futuristic features to the technology: voice control, hand control of the menus, as well as ‘scanning’, which means that the sensor can be shown a colour, analyse it and then use it in the game, such as the colour of your car in happy-go-lucky racer Kinect Joyride (which is obviously not a copy of any Kart-based franchise on Nintendo’s consoles…).

The camera also works as a normal webcam, allowing video chats via Xbox LIVE, but with webcams as standard for most laptops and Skype facilitating video chatting it’s hardly a unique selling point.

What Microsoft have failed to realise is that it’s the strength of the games which will sell Kinect to the masses, especially their current fanbase, and unfortunately it’s a fairly mixed bag. If things had gone according to plan we might have seen Kinect-enabled Fable III as well as Gears of War 3 but alas it was not to be. Perhaps Microsoft should invest in coming up with an IP which really lends itself to showcasing the technology…?

On top of it all it’s not cheap either – despite claims originally that it would retail around the price of a standard game – Kinect currently RRPs at £129.99 on its own, though it does come with the physically challenging Kinect Adventures, or you can pay £249.99 for a bundle with the new slim Xbox 360 console included as well.

The smart thing to do though is to wait for an established franchise to take the plunge and embrace the technology to show the world what Kinect can really achieve. In the meantime relax, gaming is supposed to be recreation after all. If you want a work out though, there is a certain console from Japan which you can flail your arms at to your hearts content, if you need a clue its name rhymes with ‘money’.

Gaming: New Halo: Reach trailer

There may still be seven weeks to go before Bungie’s final (allegedly) outing into the sci-fi adventure universe of Halo, but Microsoft are keen to rack up the anticipation factor, which is why we now have a shiny new HD trailer.

September 14 will come around quickly once the summer weather wears off and people quickly retreat inside from their barbecues to shelter in the warmth given off by the whirr of their Xbox 360s – unless you can afford a glossy black one of course.

Halo is the backbone of the Xbox legacy, so you can understand why MS are pushing it so hard, but what can we get out of this latest trailer?

With a lot of exposure for the multiplayer aspect of the game through the Beta test, this trailer focuses on the campaign mode, which will see you take command of Noble Six. No rookie this time around, unlike the slightly lacklustre ODST, this squad are hardened Spartan IIIs, but not the tough cookies Master Chief and his pals are, so things should be a little tougher this time around.

The trailer opens with the planet Reach, the fall of which is well known by veteran Halo players, suggesting the ending of the game won’t be too happy. Proceedings take a distinctly Avatar-like turn as we see numerous flying transports (the pre-cursor to the Hornets seen in later games) crossing mountainous forests, so there may be levels similar to Halo 3‘s opening trek.

Soon Spartan troops are being briefed, including glimpses of the skull-faceplate-painted character known as ‘Ghost’, alongside humans, meaning the days of stealing human characters’ Shotguns will soon be here again.

Next an armoured convoy with air support speeding across a sandy plain before being attacked by The Covenant, which should be exciting since the series has been aching for an out and out mass vehicle battle for years, hence the popularity of the ‘Heavy’ multiplayer modes in Halo 3.

The Elites rear their head as the enemies once again, but this time around you have the advantage of armour upgrades (or downgrades?) to give you a helping hand, and The Covenant forces begin to overwhelm the backgrounds just as they did in New Mombasa.

A quick glimpse of what looks like a fighter jet we’d recognise from an American war film stirs up some questions before soon revealing it’s attached to a space rocket, which leads us to a Star Wars-esque space battle, but there is little time to absorb it as Bungie snatches Reach away from us again to keep us wanting more. As it should be.

With all their pedigree Bungie have every reason to make this an unforgettable title to see out the series on, with people growing tired of modern warfare once again it’s time to return to sci-fi, so everyone will be too engrossed by the time Call of Duty wants to fight back.

James Michael Parry

Gaming: Exclusive Interview with Mark Meer, Commander Shepard from Mass Effect

While many people play computer games, there’s generally little thought for the voices behind our war-torn characters, until now. This Is Entertainment, in a totally original and never-before-seen stunt, has sought out one of these unsung heroes to ask them a few questions and find out some juicy game secrets.
The man in question is none other than Mark Meer, better known as the noble/dastardly Commander Shepard from Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 and the imaginatively titled concluding episode: Mass Effect 3.
This Is Entertainment managed to catch up with him between saving the galaxy and having some herbal tea :

This Is Entertainment: How does it feel to be one of the most identifiable computer game characters of this generation?

Mark Meer: First of all, thank-you for opening with a flattering question. I feel lucky and honoured. As a long-time collector, I’m pretty thrilled that I get my own action figure later this summer. Of course, it will really be a Mark Vanderloo action figure… he’s the guy who Shepard’s appearance is based on. It’s also quite an honour to get to play the male version of a character Jennifer Hale is voicing – she’s one of the best in the business.

TIE: Have you played the games yourself? If so, what did you think of them?

MM: I have, and they’re great. I’ve usually seen some animatics and concept art during the recording process, but to see it all put together in gameplay always makes me pretty proud to be a part of it. As a player, the one problem for me personally is that I’m privy to many of elements of the plot, including the many alternate ways that any given situation could go. Here’s two equally geeky frames of reference: it’s a bit like playing through a Dungeons & Dragons module that you were Dungeon Master of a few months ago. Or like being Dr. Manhattan…except with pants. On the other hand, with something like the Dragon Age games, I can enjoy watching the plot unfold as it would normally, and then have fun slaying myself as a Werewolf or Darkspawn or what have you.

TIE: Mass Effect works on a varied morality system, if you were Shepard for real, would you be the noble hero, or the man who did whatever it takes to get the job done?

MM: Well when gaming, I tend to play ruthless on the first round, and noble on the second. It feels like I’m redeeming myself for all the poor bastards I screwed over on the first playthrough. Since there are few opportunities for a second chance at real life, I’d probably do my best to try to be noble.

TIE: There are countless dialogue choices throughout the two games, is there any line in particular which you’d class as your favourite?

MM: I could trot out “I have to go”, since I say it enough. Renegade Shepard has plenty of awesomely snide/badass comments… it’s hard to choose. As a side note, I had a blast doing all the Vorcha in ME2. Screaming and screeching at the top of your lungs in the soundbooth is always fun.

TIE: How did you begin to build the character of Shepard at the beginning of making ME1? Did you have a lot of room to experiment or were BioWare very clear on what they wanted word for word?

MM: To approach Shepard as a character is a bit tricky, because many of the lines you record will have to serve for both the Renegade and Paragon versions. And ultimately, the player is the one who’s deciding what Shepard’s personality and background are. First and foremost, Bioware wanted Shepard to be a marine – whether ruthless or noble, that’s who Shepard is at his/her core. Occasionally, we’d change bits of dialogue on the fly to make it flow better or sound more natural, and when Mac (Walters – Head Writer) was sitting in on sessions, he could approve those on the spot, rather than us having to pause in recording and phone Bioware for clearance.

TIE: What’s your favourite part of voice acting?

MM: I suppose it’s different to other sorts of performing since there’s the chance to play an incredibly wide variety of parts, including ones that you might not be cast in if the project were, say, a film or television show. Plus, you get to show up in your pyjamas and drink soothing herbal teas while you work.

TIE: What was your reaction to the controversies which were raised over the first game’s adult content? Were you surprised?
MM: Baffled, really. Most of what was being said was outright fabrication, so what was really puzzling was how these people who had never played the game were speaking with such authority on its content. But ultimately, most everyone realized it had been blown completely out of proportion and that some fairly tasteful partial nudity did not equal “virtual orgasmic rape” or whatever the hell they were trying to call it. As I recall, most of the “pundits” involved sheepishly recanted within a week.

TIE: Other than Shepard, who’s your favourite character in the series? And why?

MM: It’s hard to choose. I’ll have to go with my top three – Wrex, Tali, and Mordin. I guess I just like aliens…

TIE: According to me sources (i.e. Mr Google) you’re a keen gamer. Are there any titles you are particularly enjoying playing at the moment? Or looking forward to?

MM: Currently playing Red Dead Redemption, eagerly awaiting Fallout: New Vegas, Dead Rising 2, and DC Universe Online. Naturally, I’ll be eager to see the next Dragon Age and Mass Effect 3 as well.

TIE: Outside voice acting work you do improv shows, how are those going at the moment?

MM: Very well indeed. I just got back from the Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival and the General Fools Improv Fest in Regina in time for Edmonton’s own Improvaganza. A lot of comedy has been made up on the spot and a lot of beer has been consumed. While I was in L.A., some friends of mine and I did a special super-hero themed show at the Eisner Award-winning Brave New World Comics in Newhall. The show’s called “The Harold of Galactus”. If you know both improv and comic books, you’ll find that name hilarious. Otherwise, you’ll just be confused and angry.

TIE: Mass Effect 3 is due late next year and we’ve heard it’s going to be more ‘light-hearted’. For fear of danger to your family from the BioWare overseers, is there anything else you can safely tell us about the game?

MM: Two words. Chimpanzee sidekick.
James Michael Parry